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  • I generally have mixed feelings about folk metal. On the one hand, I appreciate the melancholic and dark folk-tinged metal stylings of Primordial, Drudkh, or even Agalloch. I also like the more energetic folky metal of old Amorphis. But the boppy polka metal of Finntroll and others leaves me cold. Tyr, however, while being closer to Finntroll than Primordial, are not only listenable but enjoyable. First of all, it’s fun that half their lyrics are in Faeroese. Second, I like that their song structures are a bit more complex than your standard folk metal band. And third, I like the sung vocald and solid musicianship. Sure, the CD gets a little same-y after a while, but it does contain some great songs (the first track especially is addictive) and is a worthwhile purchase for anybody into this subgenre of metal.

    Posted on December 1, 2009