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  • This is a reissue of the 1996 remastered edition along with the 4 bonus tracks. I bought this hoping that it had been newly remastered, but the sound is identical to the 1996 cd. “The Essential Journey” from 2001 is louder and has a better mix (as in you can hear the instruments better and clearer) than this 2006 cd. The live tracks on this cd can all be gotten on the 2006 “Live in Houston” cd and the sound on that cd is better, clearer, and louder than on this reissue cd (“Reissue” is written on this cd wrapper not “remaster”). I’m a bit of a fiend for remasters and I did play them “side by side” and can hear no difference from the 1996 to the 2006. The only true new thing on here is “La Raza Del Sol”.

    So this is great if all you’ve got is the original cd release, but do realize that this is not a 2nd remaster. Get the “Essential” disc if you want that; it’s the closest there is and it does sound better than the 1st edition remasters. Of course, not all the songs are on there that I’m sure you want. I’d like to see all their albums remastered like the “Essential” is. But oh well, it’s not here.

    Posted on December 25, 2009