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Eternal Nightmare

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  • Vio-Lence are never gonna get that much recognition, as they were unabashed followers, but I say it’s better to perfect an already existing genre than to innovate a mediocre one. No, Vio-Lence aren’t one of the very best thrash bands around, but when it comes to just straight up, unrelenting thrash, they’re about as good as it gets. Or, they are at their best. Though the common position is that ‘Eternal Nightmare’ is their best work, I easily prefer ‘Oppressing the Masses’. But this is still a very good, totally worthwhile album. As far as just being totally driving and energetic, ‘Eternal Nightmare’ is just about the best thing out there, but it’s not as catchy as OtM. (Though it’s still got some instantly memorable stuff, specifically ‘Calling in the Coroner’, ‘Kill on Command’ and ‘Serial Killer’.) Lotsa people out there hate Killian, and while he is undeniably about the worst singer ever, from a technical standpoint, I think he totally works with them. He’s just so wild and unhinged, that he’s a lotta fun. Futhermore, they use gang vox better than any other thrash band.(And, it’s not overdone here, production wise, as it is on OtM.) This album isn’t much for variety, as it has no ballads and every song is either fast or extremely fast, but this is a method they use better than just about anyone else, and it never seems forced, as it does with many others.

    This re-issue comes with a live disc, which is totally great, and a fine reminder as to why thrash is the best metal subgenre around. Excellent performance, fabulous production, and a great set list, and all with out adding any to the price. Even if you have an old copy of this album it’s definitely worth getting for the live disc.

    It’s great that their stuff is finally getting to be in print again. ‘Burn My Eyes’ my ass, this is when RRRobbbbbb Flynnnnnn really knew how to rock. Get it.

    Posted on December 30, 2009