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Eternal Nightmare

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  • This is a genre defining album if I have ever heard one. Any fan of late 80’s bay area thrash should own this and now you can for much less than the $70-$100 the original pressing would cost you. I have seen so many message boards with people wishing for this re-release and always looked at my copy on the shelf with a smile, but I am happy to see that so many peoples wishes have finally been answered.

    I saw Vio-Lence on tour with Testament and again with Voi-Vod. Any one who was into the scene back then already knows enough about this band, but if you are younger and just getting into the older thrash stuff or collecting, this is a solid CD and a must have. Kinda nice that they threw in the bonus stuff which comes from this and their sophomore LP ‘Oppressing the Masses’.

    Unfortunately I haven’t picked the re-release up yet and could not tell you if it has been remastered…as with any of the late 80’s stuff (especially for debut’s) the production on the original pressing is not the best. But even if it hasn’t been remastered it is still recommended to all. I still listen to it 17 years later and will be buying a new copy as mine has been affectionately worn out…and if you like it…check out ‘MACHINEHEAD’ which showcases both Rob Flynn (guitar and backup vocals for vio-lence and guitar and vocals for machinehead) and Phil Demmel (guitar for violence and guitar for machinehead).


    Posted on December 30, 2009