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Eternal Return

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  • When Kris Norris departed Darkest Hour, I was shocked. When I heard they had replaced his with one of their own roadies, I felt like congrats were in order. When I then heard that a new album was forthcoming, I was, as with all DH releases, pumped beyond words. I have waited until now to post a review of this record because I wanted to give it a chance to marinate. After doing so I have to say that at least in my opinion, Kris Norris is sorely missed. Having looked back I saw that there was something missing from the new Darkest Hour record and I determined that it was Kris Norris who provided it. That certain something was a sense of light in the darkness and beauty in the chaos that is Darkest Hour. Sure, this is a good cd. But it is not a great cd. Surely it is not a mix of all the great DH elements. This is not a total failure by ay means. John Henry sounds meaner and more pissed off than ever. That is what saves this from being a two-star effort. DH fans will pick it up. If this is your first DH cd, then you are starting off with a somewhat lesser product than they are capable of producing.

    Posted on December 18, 2009