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Eternal Return

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  • This is my first Album review on Amazon, and I have to admit that my motivations for writing it were found in the guitar riffs of Darkest Hour’s new song, “Black Sun,” on this very album. Pure metal bliss! I could not help but heap praise on the album after hearing that segment!

    I have only given the album a cursory play through, half expecting a regression of the band from a supposed peak they reached with their last album Deliver Us. Luckily my fears were not realized! Darkest hour has produced another album that will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end and will sock you with its fast tempos and genius songwriting.

    There is some recycled material, and you may find yourself thinking, “hey, haven’t I heard this song before,” but Darkest Hour actually manages to take each song to different levels. They show that they do not have a limited number of permutations for their songs, and they throw in enough new techniques to make this an actual progression from their previous album.

    To all American Metal Bands: you can keep your style and sound and come up with new material. No need to “experiment” with more mainstream sounds; Darkest Hour just proved that with this new release. I highly recommend this album!

    Posted on December 18, 2009