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  • Def Leppard claims that Euphoria is a return to the Pyromania/Hysteria sound and style. That isn’t quite what I hear when I listen to Euphoria but this is a good album, anyway.The rockers fare better on this album moreso than do the ballads. The fast-paced “Demolition Man”, the epic “Paper Sun” and the ’70s glam rock-influenced “21st Century Sha La La La Girl” are the highlights on this excellent release. Other noteworthy songs include the dark “Day After Day”, the radio-friendly rocker “Promises”, the catchy “Guilty” and the Satriani-like instrumental “Disintegrate”. Unfortunately, as I stated earlier, the ballads keep this album from being a five star cd. But that’s okay, Def Leppard is back.Is Euphoria Pyromania plus Hysteria? No. I find that while Euphoria does have many similarities to Hysteria, the similarities to Adrenalize, Retro Active and even Slang are stronger than the Pyromania similarities. If you took the best moments off of Retro Active, Slang and Adrenalize, mixed it with the powerful pop-metal of Hysteria, you’d end up with Euphoria. So, in a way, Euphoria is the best of Def Leppard.Euphoria is Adrenalize on steroids, it’s Hysteria injected with the best of Slang. It’s the best of post-Pyromania Def Leppard.

    Posted on February 27, 2010