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  • First of all, the album “Slang” was never a disappointment. This album needed some “air time” on the radio, which It never did! Never heard one song on tha radio. Songs such as “Breath a sigh”, “All I want is everything” would of been smash hits. Not only those two, but the rest of the other tracks would been also. Big Def Lep fans would understand im trying to say, and the peeps that havnt got a taste of Def Lep, watch out…..! Euphoria is an album that kicks these artist in the head….., pop, rock, hip-hop, and heavy metal. Its that good. The tracks are uplifting, juices you up to start the day and go till night. Buy it, it wont disappoint you. “I GUARANTEE IT”

    Posted on February 27, 2010