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  • Countless 80’s bands released new or re-released material in 1999, mostly to little attention. But Def Leppard, remaining true to their ‘guilty pleasure’ form, remains in the spotlight with Euphoria, a return to their over-produced, big-balled sound that made them famous. This is the sound of a band who has found that balance between formulaic songwriting and experimentation. They alienated most of their audience with the nonetheless excellent release ‘Slang’ so they returned to what works without comprimising originality as they did on ‘Adrenalize’. Euphoria rocks hard and true and is still catchy enough to land a purely 80’s sounding single (Promises) in the #1 spot for a month. The rest of the album is more than listenable, as well. It opens and closes with two huge bangs called Demolition Man and Kings of Oblivion. It’s got two vintage-epics in Paper Sun and Day After Day. The ballads are loose and not too generic, and it’s even got an instrumental, something Leppard hasn’t recorded since High n Dry. Vivian Cambpell seems to have revived the Leppard guitar attack, as well, he plays with a fire under his arse and Phil Collen has caught it as well. Euphoria is a well-worthy addition to any rock fan’s library. It’s certainly one of the best releases of 1999.

    Posted on February 27, 2010