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Limited two disc (CD + DVD) edition of the 2009 release from the Polish Death Metal band includes a bonus DVD. The DVD includes over 30 minutes of professionally shot in-studio footage that documents the entire recording process from pre-production to tracking. Also included is a behind the scenes look at the Behemoth artist photo shoot with dynamic Polish production firm Grupa 13.

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  • For a long time I have liked Behemoth, but always felt that they were somewhat over-rated. Not so on this new album. This is a solid contender for metal album of the year. The music is darker, clearer, angrier, and deeper than previous efforts. In a year of stand out metal releases (such as Blood Oath by Suffocation), Behemoth have definately pulled out all the stops and created a monster. I can’t wait to see what Vader has in store for us in a few weeks.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Behemoth’s sound has slowly but surely evolved into true greatness. “Demigod” really showed the power and talent that this band is capable of. With “The Apostasy”, Behemoth showed that they were well onto something absolutly incredible. “The Left Hand Ov God” simply has to go down as one of the best Blackened/Death songs ever. The video is even more amazing and convey’s Behemoth true creativity and power. But finally with “The Evangelion”, they have really managed to burn their mark forever on the world of music and leave ashes in the wake. This album flows with an incredible sonic pace. There are no weak songs on the album, each song just lends to the next. “Ov Fire And The Void” is a true accomplishment of music greatness. The songs on this album are layered with incredible guitars, none bleeding over the other. Inferno’s drums are devastating in their power, speed and sound. The album has an organic feel to it and has none of today’s overprocessed, “tin can” sound. Nergal has really pushed the envelope and come up with a truelly great album, one I believe that will talked about for many, many years to come. If you have the chance to see them live as I have, you will find out they can pull all of the greatness off and add even more power, more hate, more granduer.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Whether you can stand Behemoth’s aural assault or not, you’ve got to give them credit. Its been nearly two decades since they began (as a horrible black metal band, mind you), and now just look at ‘em, all grown up and ranked amongst the death metal elite. Some would brand them a Morbid Angel clone, but I say that Behemoth surpass and outshine a band like Morbid Angel, but I’d say they surpass them and have a more unique and original sound that has not been emulated by any other band to this day.

    Their war-metal, blasphemous, eastern-tinged sound that they’ve introduced and honed on albums like Demigod and The Apostasy is in full force on their ninth LP Evangelion; Nergal’s vocals are as hoarse and commanding as ever, like a sorcerer summoning forth the power of the Void itself; his lyrics a dark testament to the ancient times of humanity and religion. Inferno’s drumming is as blisteringly fast as ever, with lightning fast double bass kicks, sharp, machine gun snares, and blast beats galore. On top of all that the guitars are just as technical, just as amazing, and playing those truly awesome and unique guitar riffs that we have come to associate with Behemoth.

    The word that comes to mind when listening to Evangelion is majestic. The drums and guitars ebb and flow in a wave of death metal that is not only technical and brutal in its execution, but melodious and alluring, no doubt enhanced by the excellent production of the album; though I still wish the bass guitar was more audible, because their bassist is amazing, when you can hear him. Inferno’s drumming is another highlight of the band’s sound, and its some of the most chaotic and speedy, yet utterly precise drumming that I’ve ever heard. The drumming patterns that blew my mind on their previous two albums are in full force here, and its no less impressive. Equally intense are the guitars, switching from tremolo picking to death metal riffing with sheer precision and mastery; also the solos are quite nice, technical and fitting. The stunning thing about the guitar work is its ability to sound technical and heavy without losing melody and humanity; something that happens to many death metal bands. Nergal’s vocals, which range from howls to his trademark scream are overdubbed and very commanding, providing a war-chant like quality to the songs. They are the essence of Behemoth’s sound, and there is no other vocalist in the industry that can even come close to his demonic singing style. His lyrics are equally impressive, dabbling in the usual esoteric and archaic topics, adding another layer of epic to the overall sound.

    Aside from the core aesthetics of the band, its the little things that really stand out; like the gang vocals on the album opener ‘Daimonos’, or the sitar outro on ‘Shemhamforash’, or the haunting breakdown on ‘The Seed Ov I’. Another surprise is the track ‘Ov Fire and The Void’ which sounds like blackened death metal filtered through a pop music sensibility, and ‘Lucifer’, a slow, plodding and haunting ending to the album. Overall, Evangelion is a more mature album in terms of songwriting and execution; a smooth progression from the sound they introduced on Demigod.

    Evangelion is a testament to the band’s skill, showing us a more mature and able band who has mastered their craft of writing epic song structures, blistering blackened death metal and offering up a juicy slab of technical music that doesn’t sacrifice melody and feeling for sheer brutality. Over two decades Behemoth have gone from that uncomfortable black metal band to the blackened death metal elite, and it fits them quite nicely.

    Highly Recommended


    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The CD:
    I was lucky enough to get one of the first 500 pre-order copies that were Autographed by the band (just wanted to brag that) :) After giving the album a thorough listen, it made those autographs taste that much sweeter. The sound quality is excellent, for this kind of speed and crunch you really need it! Riff’s are tight and complex in most area’s but Nergal made sure to opening things up plenty of times throughout giving the album it’s signature BIG BEHEMOTH sound. It feels like there has been change, but not quite. They stayed with their Blackend Death Metal sound but still gave us a new feel somehow. Inferno’s blast beats are astronomically fast and precise. Fills are a blur, yet you can hear ever hit. Orion can be noticed much more clearly in this album compared to most previous work. The bass notes are throaty and deep how they should. That’s my general review of the album, since hey.. you can listen to sound clips above and see for your self.

    The DVD:
    Great little 45min glimps into the album production. Neatly Covers EVERYTHING from Each band member, Producer, Drum tracking, Vocals, Syths and even the Brass section! It is displayed in 16:9, mostly in Polish with clear subtitles. Once the 45 min feature is complete, there is a 6Min look at the photo shoot for the inside album art, pretty cool indeed.

    If you call yourself any kind of Death metal fan you should already own this.
    I’ll be seeing Behemoth next time they are in town, as always. I would like to congratulate Behemoth with a extraordinary Job well done, and thanks for all your hard work!!

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Behemoth return faster and more brutal than ever on Evangelion. One of the most noticeable improvements is the vocal attack by Nergal. His vocals are still layered, but not as much as before and not as processed, so they sound more natural and even more intense. If you thought due to the band’s rising popularity that they would be slowing down you would be very wrong. Nothing is further from the truth. The opening track and He who Breeds Pestilence are over the top. Super heavy and the band is tighter than ever. The last track Lucifer is their attempt at an epic sound. It is atmospheric, slow and just flat out rocks from start to finish. The band incorporates keyboards, different instruments and definite middle eastern flair to some of their arrangements. Packaging is an excellent digipack. Have not checked out the making of dvd yet, plan to do that soon. I love the cover. It’s a black and white pencil drawing that is beautiful and sinister at the same time. Not your typical death metal cover, it’s refreshing. Curious to see if fellow countymen Vader can top this in a few weeks.

    Posted on March 1, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now