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  • Behemoth return faster and more brutal than ever on Evangelion. One of the most noticeable improvements is the vocal attack by Nergal. His vocals are still layered, but not as much as before and not as processed, so they sound more natural and even more intense. If you thought due to the band’s rising popularity that they would be slowing down you would be very wrong. Nothing is further from the truth. The opening track and He who Breeds Pestilence are over the top. Super heavy and the band is tighter than ever. The last track Lucifer is their attempt at an epic sound. It is atmospheric, slow and just flat out rocks from start to finish. The band incorporates keyboards, different instruments and definite middle eastern flair to some of their arrangements. Packaging is an excellent digipack. Have not checked out the making of dvd yet, plan to do that soon. I love the cover. It’s a black and white pencil drawing that is beautiful and sinister at the same time. Not your typical death metal cover, it’s refreshing. Curious to see if fellow countymen Vader can top this in a few weeks.

    Posted on March 1, 2010