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  • The CD:
    I was lucky enough to get one of the first 500 pre-order copies that were Autographed by the band (just wanted to brag that) :) After giving the album a thorough listen, it made those autographs taste that much sweeter. The sound quality is excellent, for this kind of speed and crunch you really need it! Riff’s are tight and complex in most area’s but Nergal made sure to opening things up plenty of times throughout giving the album it’s signature BIG BEHEMOTH sound. It feels like there has been change, but not quite. They stayed with their Blackend Death Metal sound but still gave us a new feel somehow. Inferno’s blast beats are astronomically fast and precise. Fills are a blur, yet you can hear ever hit. Orion can be noticed much more clearly in this album compared to most previous work. The bass notes are throaty and deep how they should. That’s my general review of the album, since hey.. you can listen to sound clips above and see for your self.

    The DVD:
    Great little 45min glimps into the album production. Neatly Covers EVERYTHING from Each band member, Producer, Drum tracking, Vocals, Syths and even the Brass section! It is displayed in 16:9, mostly in Polish with clear subtitles. Once the 45 min feature is complete, there is a 6Min look at the photo shoot for the inside album art, pretty cool indeed.

    If you call yourself any kind of Death metal fan you should already own this.
    I’ll be seeing Behemoth next time they are in town, as always. I would like to congratulate Behemoth with a extraordinary Job well done, and thanks for all your hard work!!

    Posted on March 1, 2010