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Evisceration Plague

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  • At this point in their career, it would be very easy for Corpse to bludgeon you with an onslaught of endless blast beats. But Evisceration Plague is far from that. This may be Corpse’s most mature release to date. The album is heavy, dark, intense, and yet, catchy. You find yourself singing along, especially with track 3 (To Decompose). But don’t let my previous statement detour you, despite being catchy, the album still has a lot of balls. The songs have lot’s of depth, with lot’s of rhythm and vocal changes. The lyrics, are as dark and humorous as ever. Webster out did himself this time. Even the slower tracks, such as the title track, have their own presence. They stand up with the rest of the album.

    Although in the past I’ve preferred Barnes over Corpsegrinder, this album has made me a believer. I’m going back through the Corpse catalog like someone who just discovered Corpse.

    Bottom Line: This album is for old fans and new, there’s something for everyone! For anyone who thinks Corpse is getting old and tired, this album is their response. They’ve still got it, and Evisceration Plague proves it. Weighing in at just under 40 minutes, this album is intense, mature, and worthy of the Cannibal Corpse name!

    Posted on January 31, 2010