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Evisceration Plague

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  • We all that Cannibal Corpse simply does not make bad albums. True to form, they release another solid album in ‘Evisceration Plague’. While the album is solid, it manages to be a bit disappointing. Overall, I thought many of the riffs were extremely similar, with very little variation. In turn, this makes many songs sound TOO much alike. There are probably 5 songs that took me about 10 listens to truly differentiate w/o checking the track #. The production also bugs me. Paul’s drums are buried under the guitars, and Alex’s bass (which is extremely powerful, and he’s an amazing bassist) sounds thin.

    On to the positive. There are some killer tunes on this album. I’ve seen them live twice since it’s release, and they all sound great live. Better than the album actually. The album opens w/ 2 brutal, lightning fast songs. ‘Priests Of Sodom’ and ‘Scalding Hail’ let you know that this album will live up to the brutality of CC’s previous releases. ‘A Cauldron Of Hate’ and the title track are killer tracks in their own right, with the latter opening w/ an eerie, bone-chilling entrance. My main complaint, is that other than these 4 tracks, nothing really stood out to me. Are these other songs bad? No, I wouldn’t say that. They’re just nothing I’d go outta my way to listen to. Like the title says, many of these are decent tracks, just…….boring. All negatives aside, this album is certainly worth a listen.

    Stand Out Tracks:

    Priests Of Sodom
    Scalding Hail
    A Cauldron Of Hate
    Evisceration Plague

    Overall Score : 7/10

    Posted on February 1, 2010