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Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion

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  • …then yeah, this is probably not the Eluveitie release for you. But I saw them last night live, and the new songs worked great up alongside Inis Mona and Uis Elveti. I actually had to listen to this release a couple times before I was feelin’ it, and now I can’t get enough, and it’s been within grabbing distance of my car stereo for months. Anna’s singing is beautiful on it, and I especially like her and Meri’s whispered vocals on a lot of the tracks. Many of these I first thought were instrumental tracks on first listen, but then realized that there’s vocals on most of the tracks, they’re just back in the mix more (in a good way). Really the only track I ever skip is track 7, which I don’t quite care for, but the rest is solid, and I think it really hangs together well as a cohesive album, with the obvious singles not sticking out too much. In other words, I didn’t really feel like there was a lot of filler, as submitted in other reviews. That said, I think the singles “Omnos” (which has a great video out for it), and “Brictom” are hooky as all get-out, and grow on you like moss. The album is acoustic, regardless of what other reviewers have said, though I think you have to compare it within the context of their other albums. No, not “MTV Unplugged” acoustic, but come on, in comparison to Slania or Spirit, it’s acoustic.

    Apparently the next album is close to done, and it’s back to straight-up Eluveitie metal, so no worries if you can’t hang with this one. I think it was a nice little left turn for the band though, and it really shows them stretching their legs and broadening their sound. Meri has a solo acoustic album out there too, if you liked this release. I’ve only seen it available at their show, but it’s called “Irij”, and it’s very dark and chill.

    Posted on February 24, 2010