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Bin 11639. Special limited edition of the band’s new albumincludes a six track bonus disc of live acoustic versions ofhits performed in Singapore in 1995: ’Armageddon It’, ’TwoSteps Behind’, ’From The Inside’, ’Animal’, ’When Love &Hate Collide’ and ’Pour Some Sugar On Me’. 11 track CD album’Truth?’, ’Turn To Dust’, ’Slang’, ’All I Want Is Everything’Work It Out’, ’Breathe A Sigh’, ’Deliver Me’, ’Gift OfFlesh’, ’Blood Runs Cold’, ’Where Does Love Go When It Dies’and ’Pearl Of Euphoria’.***1996 German release.Somewhere along their musical path, Def Leppard shed their raw, youthful rock aggression and became a pop band. Their new direction, beginning with Pyromania and continuing with Hysteria and Adrenalize, was a complete departure from their earlier, stripped-down, AC/DCish approach, and it vaulted them to mega-stardom. Slang is their first record without producer ”Mutt” Lange since their debut, On Through the Night. The good news is that it’s a much more organic, less overproduced record than they would have made with Lange, but it’s still more pop than hard rock. Dance beats and funky riffs, with no shortage of slower power ballads, sum up this record pretty thoroughly. The single ”Work It Out” has a nice strong chorus (with almost Sebadoh-like harmonies) and is certainly less bombastic than past hits like ”Pour Some Sugar on Me.” Def Leppard have long since abandoned their heavy metal roots, but with Slang they’ve at least moved away from the studio dominance of Lange, and that’s a step in the right direction. –Adem Tepedelen

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  • “Evolution”cemented Journey’s place as a AOR-radio staple after Steve Perry’s poerful pipes gave them their first massive platnium success with “Infinity” in 1978.With its tuneful,melodic rock in plenty supply in such fine songs as “City Of The Angels”,”Too Late”,”Lady Luck”,”Daydream”,the Top 20 hit and Journey classic “Lovin,Touchin,Squeezin” and “Just The Same Way”(sung by both keyboardist Gregg Rolie and Steve Perry),Journey became every teenager’s soundtrack(and every rock critics’s worst nightmare)in 1979 and beyoud,as their popularity grew with each new succeeding record until their breakup in 1987.Although I like some of their albums better than this one(“Escape”,”Frontiers” and “Raised On Radio”,to name three)”Evolution is still a fun,high-quality effort that I listen to whenever I feel down and I need something to pick me up.The 2006 reissue is the 1996 remaster in a digipack featuring a cool booklet that includes photos and tour dates from the period.

    Posted on February 10, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Buyer beware. These new Journey releases are reissues of their 1996 remastered releases. They are NOT remastered in 2006. Rhino should be ashamed of itself for this (it’s been 10 years – I would have gladly paid for a remastered version, but not for new packaging).

    Posted on February 9, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I agree with Steve! This was simply a waste of time for Sony to even reissue this release without a fresh 2006 remaster! This seems to be a new thing for them to save money. First they threw out the Boston albums in Canada with “remastered” audio from a 2nd generation flat equalized source instead of the original master tapes. Now we get this!

    I was really hoping Sony would have spent a little money on this Journey project and put Bob Ludwig in the studio again to give us an improved sonic upgrade 10 years later! I simply don’t see the point of these reissues. The 1996 reissues/remasters are still easy to find! They were good for their time, but they simply don’t meet 2006 audio standards. Another lame attempt at tricking the fans and cashing in.

    Posted on February 9, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • According to the liner notes (which someone scanned and posted online), this is the SAME mastering job as on the 1996 re-release. The credits even state in this 2006 issue that it was mastered by Bob Ludwig in 1996. Yes, John Kalodner said in an interview that he and Steve Perry were updating the Journey albums to 2006 audio standards, but unfortunately that was not true. The packaging is new, but if you’re an audiophile looking for updated sound, you’re not going to find it, so save your money. I give one star for the pure silliness in reissuing the exact same disc under the illusion it is a sonic upgrade.

    Posted on February 9, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Sony botched the 1996 re-master by not preserving the original segue-way that bridged “Lovin Touchin Squeezin” and “City of The Angels”. They have failed to correct this error with this newer, supposedly “re-masterd” version.

    On the original vinyl release, “City Of The Angels” kicked in before the final chorus of “Lovin Touchin Squeezin” had completely faded to silence – presenting a similar effect that had been utilized for “Feelin’ That Way/Anytime” on Infinity. At the time, some AOR radio stations even played these two tracks together.

    As completely seperate tracks on CD, the famous ending of “Lovin Touchin Squeezin” becomes clumsy as the final tones of reverb are cut off abruptly. Ultimately, it is only a couple seconds cut off (reverb echoing to silence) – But as one of Journey’s signature tunes, you’d think that they’d have taken the time to get it right and preserver the original context of the release.

    The original ending of ‘Lovin Touchin Squeezin” (with final seconds of reverb) can be heard on the two disc collection, Essential Journey – but of course, as the set is a collection of radio songs, it does not segue into “City Of The Angels” as it originally did (and should) on Evolution.

    A minor point I know. BUT – Sony is clearly trying to honor and replicate the original release. They should take the time to check all the details to get it right. Or – why bother?

    Posted on February 9, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now