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  • “Evolution”cemented Journey’s place as a AOR-radio staple after Steve Perry’s poerful pipes gave them their first massive platnium success with “Infinity” in 1978.With its tuneful,melodic rock in plenty supply in such fine songs as “City Of The Angels”,”Too Late”,”Lady Luck”,”Daydream”,the Top 20 hit and Journey classic “Lovin,Touchin,Squeezin” and “Just The Same Way”(sung by both keyboardist Gregg Rolie and Steve Perry),Journey became every teenager’s soundtrack(and every rock critics’s worst nightmare)in 1979 and beyoud,as their popularity grew with each new succeeding record until their breakup in 1987.Although I like some of their albums better than this one(“Escape”,”Frontiers” and “Raised On Radio”,to name three)”Evolution is still a fun,high-quality effort that I listen to whenever I feel down and I need something to pick me up.The 2006 reissue is the 1996 remaster in a digipack featuring a cool booklet that includes photos and tour dates from the period.

    Posted on February 10, 2010