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Exit...Stage Left

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  • There are several things you can judge a live album for, and this one ranks quite well on most of them. Some of the ones where it’s “weak” are: mix (uneven at times, leaning a bit more toward Geddy Lee’s bass), sound quality (between songs, specially) and the general live feel (arguably, there weren’t too many mics pointed at the audience, so you don’t hear very loud “roars” between tracks). On the flip side, the album ranks so well on so many other fronts, that the downsides pale by comparison. The musicianship, above all things, is bound to leave you speechless: Geddy Lee’s basswork and Neil Peart’s drums are out of this world (take the “YYZ” looooooong solo by the latter as the best example, easily making the entire album worth buying). The fact that the band sounds just as well live as they do on the studio says so much about their work too. Some people argue this is bad: I dare to say this is where a musician gets to prove him/herself, by matching or exceeding the studio work.All in all, given the items mentioned before, while not the best live album EVER, this is a great piece to add to your music collection to sum up the band’s work as well as to enjoy outstanding performances of several of their classics which by now have become prog rock standards.

    Posted on March 2, 2010