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Extended Versions: Live 1983

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  • I took a risk on ordering this due to the fact that there was no information on anyware on the net. I knew they had 2 previous released live songs from Quiet Riot ‘Greatest Hits’ (released in 1996) and a handful of live songs on their ‘Live & Rare Vol. 1′ CD. But, I was not disappointed. Consist of 10 songs, 2 of them (track 9 & 10 listed below) may be the ones that were on the Greatest Hits CD released in 1996. Slick Black Cadillac may be from the reissue/ remaster of ‘Metal Health’ that was released a few years back and the rest are unreleased live songs that were never officially released. I read years back (during the 80’s)that Quiet Riot were going to release a live album. It never happened.
    Here is the track listing:

    Live from Pasadena Ca. 1983
    1. Danger Zone
    2. Run For Cover
    3. Love’s A Bitch
    4. Anytime You Want Me
    5. Cum On Feel The Noize
    6. Slick Black Cadillac (possible from Metal Health reissue/remaster release)
    7. Gonna Have A Riot
    8. Breathless

    Live from Nashville Tennessee 1983
    9. Let’s Get Crazy (believe this live recording was on Greatest Hits)
    10. Bang Your Head (Metal Health) (also believe this was on their Greatest Hits CD)

    Anyways, I like it, and I believe anyone that is or was into Quiet Riot and likes live recordings won’t be disappointed. I ordered this CD 3 weeks ago, got it last week, and read on the internet this morning that Kevin Dubrow was found dead in his home Sunday Nov. 25th in Vegas. Was hoping it was a sick joke but found out it was true. RIP Kevin

    Posted on March 6, 2010