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  • Love that line. Just finished listening to Extended Versions live, and it really rocks. The first 3 songs sound really good, but once Dirty White Boy starts the whole CD just kicks up a notch and keeps getting better from there. The songs are heavier sounding than in the past, but nothing that takes away from the variety of style & instrumentation that’s always been a Foreigner hallmark. It’s just that once the band gets warmed up, the CD really maintains an intensity throughout, just like the show I attended during their 2005 tour which this recording comes from.

    The first thing I noticed when I looked at the CD back tray liner was that the shortest song was 4:25 (Dirty White Boy) and all the others clocked over 5 minutes. Five songs…half the CD…came in at over 6 minutes so I could tell they were definitely “extended” and kept in most of the cool stuff I heard at the show I attended. Some extended instrumental work and so on. Mick Jones really comes alive as a guitar player here. Overall just shy of 70 minutes total. Dirty White Boy, Starrider, Urgent & Juke Box Hero are definitely stand-out tracks. Lots of swagger and they really rock. The new rhythms they’re playing on Starrider really kick. For those who may’ve heard the new band for the first time on the Rockline radio show last summer, the versions of Urgent and Juke Box Hero on this CD sound even better.

    The next thing I noticed was that the CD and all the songs were published by “Trigger Productions, Inc.” Thought that was cute. (For those unfamiliar, Trigger was Foreigner’s original name on the demo recording they circulated back in 1976. That very good & interesting demo is included in its entirety as bonus tracks for the remastered/extended debut CD released a couple years ago.) Also noticed that this CD was produced by bassist Jeff Pilson, giving the project a real “band” feel.

    I’m glad too that they listed the date & location of the show on the CD liner. Most of the other Extended Live CD’s I’ve seen don’t. This band still rocks!

    Posted on December 16, 2009