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Extreme Aggression

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  • The album title definately says it all. Kreator’s 1989 release “Extreme Aggression” is super fast, super heavy, and of course super aggressive. I got this album over the weekend, and I really like it alot, it’s so awesome. This is without a doubt one of Kreator’s best albums ever, and it’s already one of my favorite Kreator albums as well. This album truly has it all: Aggressive vocals, killer guitar riffs, awesome solos, lightning fast drums, what more could you ask for. Mille Petrozza’s vocals are super aggressive and extremely awesome. Together he and Jorg Trzebiatowski deliver lots of great riffs and killer solos throughout. Rob Fioretti has got some really cool bass lines that are well heard, and Jurgen “Ventor” Reil’s double bass drumming is lightning fast and will make your heart pound with sheer excitement. The first track “Extreme Aggressions” is a very fast aggressive song and a great opening song too. Other fast speeding headbangers including “No Reason to Exist” and “Love Us or Hate Us” both keep the intensity going. “Stream of Consciousness” is another favorite which is inspired by the book “Seth speaks: The Eternal Validity of the Soul”. “Betrayer” is also another thrashing classic, and it’s also one of the band’s best songs ever. I’d also like to see the music video to that song too. Favorite Songs: ALL OF THEM OF COURSE!! So anyways if your looking for some super fast thrash that you can bang your head to, this album is definately your ticket to Extreme Aggression. ALL HAIL KREATOR!! Buy this album now. For other great thrash bands from Germany, check out Sodom and Destruction too. ROCK ON!!
    Jeremy’s song ratings:
    1. Extreme Aggressions (4:43) – 5/5
    2. No Reason to Exist (4:34) – 5/5
    3. Love Us or Hate Us (3:40) – 5/5
    4. Stream of Consciousness (3:51) – 5/5
    5. Some Pain Will Last (5:35) – 5/5
    6. Betrayer (3:58) – 5/5
    7. Don’t Trust (3:58) – 5/5
    8. Bringer of Torture (2:15) – 5/5
    9. Fatal Energy (4:54) – 5/5

    Posted on January 17, 2010