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Fabulous Disaster

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  • After listening to bands like Metallica and Testament, I really got into the act of thrash metal. Recently, I purchased Exodus’s Fabulous Disaster and was blown away. The album is flawless from start to finish. The soloing on the record is great, and the guitar riffs really kick. Some of my favorite tracks are The Toxic Waltz, Verbal Razors, Open Season, and The Last Act of Defiance, but the whole record kicks ass, the whole band showcases talent. Even Steve Souza, who a lot of people find annoying, is a great vocalist, his voice fits the band perfectly. I found it odd also to find not one but two covers on the CD, but they are nicely done (love the leads in Low Rider). If you like thrash metal, you must buy this CD. It would be a sin not to own it.

    Posted on January 16, 2010