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Fabulous Disaster

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  • Another excellent album by the world`s most underrated bands of all time – Exodus. While not has furious as Bonded by Blood this album contains some thrash classics that all thrash music lovers will FABULOUSLY like. Lead singer Steve Souza who sounds like a pumped up Bon Scott (former AC/DC singer-r.i.p.) is just incredible at the vocals. I have read some bad reviews on Souza, but trust me this guy has the perfect style for this band. Highlites include TOXIC WALTZ, THE LAST ACT OF DEFIANCE, OVERDOSE (great remake of AC/DC`s most underrated song from the Let There be Rock album), and the ear blistering LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON. This song is spectacular from start to finish (8 min.) So if you don`t know anything about Exodus it`s time you knew who they are, so buy this album or the ground breaking Bonded by Blood. Rock on.

    Posted on January 16, 2010