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Fabulous Disaster

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  • I am impressed with the music on this CD. The late eighties were a great time for speed-thrash-heavy-metal bands. EXODUS is a prime example of the best on this CD. Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt contain the mayhem with tight intonation and lockstep harmonizing. I think that Steve Souza’s vocal treatments work well partly, because of his staccato enunciation. My favourite cut is VERBAL RAZORS. The breakneck pace is somehow held together, even through the explosive exchange of guitar solos. The unabashed aggression of the lyrics of TOXIC WALTZ, CAJUN HELL and OPEN SEASON can be unsettling, however, I take heart in the anti-violence of LIKE FATHER LIKE SON and the political sensitivities of LAST ACT…, FABULOUS DISASTER, and CORRUPTION. New paradigms are legitamized by testing them against existing systems. EXODUS proves that speed-metal is viable with superb covers of LOW RIDER (WAR) and OVERDOSE (AC/DC). Both of these songs are not only covered well, they are given a new personality. If you are interested in aggressive speed metal from the late eighties, this CD will interest you.

    Posted on January 16, 2010