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Face the Heat

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While Aerosmith were busy capitalizing on the successes spawned by its improbable, career-reviving Permanent Vacation and Pump albums, the rock world was undergoing a Nirvana-inspired seismic shift. And although the Boston boogie-rockers had long worn the ”dinosaur” tag as a badge of honor, this 1993 album is evidence that they took the twin challenges posed by the upsurge of alternative and hip-hop as something more than mere inconvenience. Unfortunately, the sometimes painfully forced, something-for-everyone results only argued that musicians should stick to their guns, come hell, high water–or ominous fashion trends. Or maybe they should have heeded the old adage about too many cooks. Indeed, Aerosmith is supplemented–and sometimes seemingly supplanted–here by no less than six outside writers (including previous vets Desmond Child and Jim Vallance, as well as Hudson brother Mark and retro soul-rocker Lenny Kravitz), and the schizoid production of Vacation and Pump helmsman Bruce Fairbairn, who seems as comfortable with alt rock’s less-is-more ethos as Stone Cold Steve Austin would be in a tutu. The band should’ve known better, too. The social consciousness of ”Livin’ on the Edge” seems contrived, with Steven Tyler’s intermittent rapping utterly disconnected from that on his pioneering ”Walk This Way,” while ”Eat the Rich” inexplicably promotes auto-cannibalism. It’s an album that goes all over the map to get uncomfortably close to nowhere. –Jerry McCulley

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  • Their second CD in the nineties and it rocks just like Crazy world. Much heavier then the 70’s and 80’s. My favorites are: Unholy Alliance, Hate To Be Nice, Taxman Woman and Ship Of Fools. The other are good as well. But the combination of Matthias and Rudolf is better then with any other album. But I dislike Ralph Rieckermann, Francis Buchholz was much better. But it doesn’t take away the fun of the music, here’s my tracklist rating, keep on rocking!!!:

    Alien Nation: 8/10
    No Pain No Gain: 9/10
    Someone To Touch: 9/10
    Under The Same Sun: 9/10
    Unholy Alliance: 10/10
    Woman: 10/10
    Hate To Be Nice: 10/10
    Taxman Woman: 10/10
    Ship Of Fools: 10/10
    Nightmare Avenue: 10/10
    Lonely Nights: 10/10
    *Destin: 9/10
    *Daddy’s Girl: 8/10

    *= Bonus track.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • ‘Face The Heat’ covers absolutely no ‘new’ ground for the long-running German metal outfit.Apparently they’ve replaced bassist Francis Bucholz with new recruit Ralph Rieckermann.Some of the decent tracks here are “Alien Nation”,the radio friendly “Someone To Touch”,”Tazman Woman” and the discs’s ballad “Under The Same Sun”.When you think about it,the Scorpions CAN write good ballads.Even though renowned ’80’s producer Bruce Fairbain(R.I.P.)had a hand in the making of this record,’Face…’ is pretty much mediocre.The Scorpions are STILL a fun act to catch live as I’ve seen them five(5)times now since their ‘Lovedrive’ days.Just MIGHT appeal to diehards.Anyone else probably would not get a woody over this release.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • The last good Scorpions album in the nineties,’Face the Heat’is a mixed bag of great heavy and melodic tunes we’ve come to expect from this legendary band and weaker tracks-especially in terms of corny lyrics-but compared to their most recent output this album really shines.After this work,the Scorpions have decided to drop their sting,it seems.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • OK – Scorpions have been around forever, but it seems that heavy metal years equate to more than the likes of ‘Rolling Stones’ years! Give em a break!! There are some strong songs on this, although I must admit that it is not as good as ‘Crazy World’. Forget the 80’s Scorps – they are finding their way in the awfully confused 90’s, where if you are not alterna-trash or thrash, you get lost. As a loyal fan since ‘In Trance’, I still give this a thumbs up to Klaus and the gang. Their piledriving sound still makes me feel good, and hey, what more does one need when it comes to poppin on a hard rock CD? Room for some new ideas (OH, bring back the HM creativity of Lovedrive, pleez) – yes. But not a CD to miss if you still like the icons that are SCORPIONS.

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Just sample that Alien Nation track and tell me that it isn’t rock/metal! This is REAL rock people! The music itself for Alien Nation totally kicks ass and the melody is mind blowing!

    No Pain No Gain is another awesome rocker where everything just comes together perfectly! This is awesome metal here!

    Ship Of Fools is another masterpiece which features an Opera singer!

    I love all Scorpions albums and this is no exception! All these songs are just as good as all their other stuff! Awesome lyrics, awesome melodies, just awesome music!

    The whole CD is rock and it’s worth it for the Alien Nation song alone which has one of the most awesome guitar solos and hooks ever! Any Scorpions fan needs this CD in their collection, it’s a must have!

    Posted on February 28, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now