According to HAMAS propaganda, IDF doesn’t fight humans but bio-boosted faceless human/efreet (desert daemons) hybrids.

Despite everybody is supposed to be weakened by starvation, these “faceless” creatures display athletic power.
Just like ULTRAVIOLET mutants

Doesn’t this justify the use of Israel full arsenal ?

Theorical these “faceless” haven’t eat, drink or sleep since 2 weeks.
But they still shot back ! What do they fed on ? Civil victim blood like vampires ?

DELTA & SEALS have this resistance but how many are them ?
Hundred out of a nation of 300 millions. “Faceless” are thousands out of 1.5 millions !

The International Atomic Energy Agency takes a great care about nuclear experiment, but what about the biological ones ?

Why are HAMAS fighters hooded ? SWATS have mask to protect their families. But according to civilian losses in Gaza this is irrelevant.

What do they hide ? Similar face like clones, daemonic or genetic mutation. With an average of 6 children by wife and polygamy, Gaza is a perfect laboratory for crossbreeding. Does HAMAS religious want to recreate Nephilims or the race of Goliath the Phillistine ?

Or are just these videos a fake…