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  • Godsmack’s newest release gives what you got with “Awake”, and builds on that. When you heard “I Stand Alone” off of “The Scorpion King” soundtrack, it gave you a taste of what was to come from the Boston-based hard rock/metal band. Heavier riffs, stronger lyrics, and an overall sense of evolution for them. Just from the opening track, the first single, “Straight Out Of Line”, you can even tell that the once not-too-memorable solos have gotten greatly better. Godsmack’s talent has grown into an even more powerful force than before.Also, their new drummer, Shannon Larkin (formerly of Amen), proves his worth here with great & energetic pounding drum tracks. Sully’s vocals are as great as ever as he tears the lyrics from the depths of his being. Anger, frustration, a building rage, and an overall intensity define his vocal stylings. Tony Rombola’s guitar & Robbie Merrill’s bass both bring a powerful, headbanging groove to the album.Overall, I say this is Godsmack’s best album yet. It’s as heavy as “Awake”, but even more polished & solid. I listened to the entire album, track-by-track, and I didn’t have the urge to switch off one single song. It’s a rare thing for that to happen, and I applaud these Boston bad @$$es for crafting such a strong, unified album. With two and a half years between the releases of “Awake” and “Faceless”, they had the time to mold these 12 tracks into one helluva an awesome album!I would suggest getting the “Explicit” version or else you’ll miss out on the full-on bad @$$-ity that is “I F’ing Hate You”. Though, both the “explicit” and the “clean” versions are enhanced CDs that will take you to a special page on to access the album lyrics (not included in the booklet), some live tracks, the fan club, and more.

    Posted on November 15, 2009