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  • Godsmack have become household names in the rock world, thanks to two multi-million selling albums that put Godsmack on the map. After the double platinum AWAKE, where was Godsmack to turn? Nowhere, except up. FACELESS is a pummeling assault on the ears, the most metal album they have done, maybe even more so than their self-titled album (another version of ALL WOUND UP). Here, with new drummer Shannon Larkin, Godsmack turn up the volume and the crunch is even more prominent, with Tony Rambola’s vicious, teething guitar a back drop for Sully’s anguished, punishing vocals…even Robbie on bass provides a nice thick bottom to compliment Shannon’s nifty drumwork.

    “Straight Out Of Line” was meant for radio, but more so it’s a blistering assault on the ears. Likewise, “Re-Align” and the fierce and nasty “I F***ing Hate You” are both venomous yet catchy and downright crunchy. The title track is also a rollicking affair, and the inclusion of the classic “I Stand Alone” keeps the album’s intensity genuine. But most surprising is the similarity of ending the album with the swirling, brooding “Serenity” which certainly lives up to its name with its dreamy acoustic guitars and congas. It seems like a cousin to “Voodoo”, but “Serenity” has its own voice…a very soothing one at that. Make no mistake, though…most of FACELESS is meant to please the headbangers and metal fans who like the harder side of Godsmack. It certainly does possess the best assets of Godsmack…fierce, crunchy alterna-metal that will seep into your brain upon hearing it first listen.

    FACELESS represents the brutal beauty of Godsmack, their scars beared for all to see. Containing some of the most heavy songs written, and even two atmospheric tracks that compliment the end of the album nicely, FACELESS is another solid affair from the Boston area boys.

    Posted on November 15, 2009