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  • When FACELIFT was released, the metal scene had started to become stale. Everywhere you looked, hair bands where the dominating scene so when this rocking, sometimes dark and dreary album was released, music become good again. This album is full of classic songs that to this day continue to get a good amount of airplay on various radio stations. WE DIE YOUNG, MAN IN THE BOX, SEA OF SORROW, BLEED THE FREAK, LOVE HATE LOVE, I CANT REMEMBER, IT AINT LIKE THAT are some heavy songs that rock and suck the listener right in. When I came back from the Gulf War in ‘91, MAN IN THE BOX was a huge hit, being played all over the radio and MTV. Remember this album was released before NEVERMIND and TEN the success of this album helped to pave the way for the future success of Nirvana and Pearl Jam. I have always thought that AIC blew those two bands away with only SOUNDGARDEN coming close to them. I highly recommend this album to serious hard rock fans. AIC is more metal than grunge and this album shows the future promise this band had and prepared us for the future great albums they made. RIP Layne. Every track rocks

    Posted on January 5, 2010