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  • Facelift(1990). Alice In Chains’ First Album.

    In 1990, when Hair Metal such as Nelson and Slaughter still dominated the charts, a drastic change was about to happen. In Seattle, Washington, four bands(Soundgarden, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Alice In Chains) were about to change the face of music forever, giving a slap in the face to the happy-party attitude of previous music, and dishing out depressing songs that appealed to teen rebels(sort of like myself!). Alice In Chains, after the release of their debut album, ‘Facelift’, became the first band to achieve minor success, scoring the minor rock radio hits “Man In The Box” and “Sea of Sorrow”. Although the album and the hits later became legendary, fans, including myself, typically overlook ‘Facelift’, instead buying a compilation or ‘Dirt’. Is it a mistake that many fans overlook ‘Facelift’ or not? Read on to find out!

    Track Ratings-

    We Die Young- ‘Facelift’ starts off with “We Die Young”, a psychotic rocker that resembles early Soundgarden and Black Sabbath, but even heavier and darker. Layne Staley’s emotion, as always, leaves me breathless. Great start!

    Man In The Box- What hasn’t been said before? Along with “Rooster”, “Man In The Box” is Alice In Chains biggest hit, and it’s no surprise. Cantrell’s pounding, sinister power chords, combined with Layne Staley’s eerie, yet catchy harmonies raises eyebrows everywhere. Not to be missed.

    Sea of Sorrow- Basically a classic metal song, “Sea of Sorrow” brings back the sound of classic bands like The Scorpions and Aerosmith. Cantrell’s riff is reminiscent of retro-Scorpions, while putting in influences from Joe Perry. Layne Staley sings the twisted morals of the song quite well, and it’s obvious this is a fan favorite.

    Bleed The Freak- Starting off like a classic Alice In Chains ballad, “Bleed The Freak” is a dark twisted song that has some religious undertones, and seems to be a purging of Layne Staley’s faith. Cantrell is brilliant on this song… he reminds me a lot of Zakk Wylde on this song, with a ripping solo and awesome riffs. Brilliant… spooky.

    I Can’t Remember- “I Can’t Remember” begins with a doomy acoustic passage and builds-up to a doomed rocker about amnesia. Staley is the perfect voice… his doomed tale is perfectly sung. Jerry Cantrell shines with his guitarmanship. An oddly beautiful song.

    Love, Hate, Love- Oddly, this sounds like a mix of The Scorpions and Metallica, kind of a spooky, slow, battle between Layne Staley and his mind. Cantrell plays classically influenced riffs, and they fit perfect… once again, oddly beautiful… there are no words.

    It Ain’t Like That- After a few slower songs, Alice In Chains takes it up a notch with “I Ain’t Like That”, a headbanging affair of killer power chords and vocals that demand your attention. Maybe your typical Alice In Chains song, but, does it ever get old?

    Sunshine- Kind of a bluesy song, “Sunshine” is not as gloomy as Alice In Chains’ usually is, combining Cantrell’s bluesy(and punk) influenced melodies with Layne Staley’s punkish vocals. Good.

    Put You Down- Cantrell starts off “Put You Down” with his hopelessly addictive blues-metal riff, which, along with Layne Staley’s heartbroken vocals, suck you into the song and you can’t get away. Just plain cool…

    Confusion- “Confusion” is another gloomy, dark, and downright depressing song courtesy Alice In Chains. Layne Staley is front and center, spilling his secrets in a gloomy whisper. Cantrell, as usual, impresses.

    I Know Somthin(Bout You)- “I Know Somethin(Bout You)” is a funky song, featuring awesome blues and funk riffs from Cantrell(in fact, this sounds a lot like The Red Hot Chili Peppers) and Staley is more upbeat, just singing this song sarcastically. Impossibly cool, and a different song for Alice In Chains.

    Real Thing- “Real Thing” begins a lot like “Sea of Sorrow”, building up slowly, and finding Layne Staley at a whisper discussing the truth about addiction. This song is actually quite resounding, and Staley’s cries are quite memorable. Cool song… Cantrell shines here.

    Overall, ‘Facelift’ is a great offering from Alice In Chains, and hooked me from beginning to end. Every song on here is a winner, even though many sound like another Alice In Chains song you’ve heard before, they don’t sound overdone or rehashed. While ‘Facelift’ isn’t as good as ‘Dirt’, this is a damn good album from Alice In Chains, and any fan that passed this up would surely regret that decision.


    Killer Cuts- ‘We Die Young’, ‘Man In The Box’, ‘Sea of Sorrow’, ‘Bleed The Freak’, and ‘I Know Somethin(Bout You)’.

    Also Recommended-

    Dirt- Alice In Chains
    Taken By Force- The Scorpions
    Ride The Lightning- Metallica

    Thanks For Reading!

    Posted on January 5, 2010