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  • If you are an Alice in Chains fan, this album is a must. Facelift is the initial commercial release, and in many respects, it is the best. I think that AIC is at their best when they are absolutely rocking and Layne Staley is matching the intensity of the song with his unique voice. I would say that he has the coolest voice in modern rock. He sings lead in all of the songs, which is nice becasue Cantrell has a decent voice, but Staley is the man who makes Alice in Chains who they are. It is much heavier than Jar of Flies and obviously Unplugged, and it just has a better sound than the self titled album. I would recommend Facelift, Dirt, Sap, and Jar of Flies in that order, and everything else is not essential. Of course the Music Bank would be nice if you are willing to spend 40 bucks. Facelift rocks big time. I would recommend it.

    Posted on January 5, 2010