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Faith, Hope, Love By Kings X

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  • I got my first taste of King’s X from the Summerland video on Headbanger’s Ball off of their “Gretchen Goes to Nebraska” album. Within a week I had both that and their debut, “Out of the Silent Planet”, in my collection. I remember feeling pretty antsy about wanting to pick up “Faith Hope Love” – and after seeing the video for It’s Love I was even more juiced to buy it.

    Super album. Certainly not flawless, but the great moments outshine the mediocre ones by far.

    Like everyone below has said, King’s X has that Beatlesque-style harmonizing with the vocals. But they’re not in every song. And I disagree with those below who’ve said that there’s a funk sound to the metal. I don’t hear that at all. When I think of funk-metal I think of “Extreme II: Pornograffitti” or “Mindfunk”. What I DO hear is a soul influence, specifically from Doug Pinnick’s voice. It’s not as much in the music as it is in the vocal inflection.

    As for the musicality, yes, this is only a three piece band! Like Cream or Rush they don’t need no stinkin’ fourth member! And, as a band with such a complete sound from only three members, each player has to stand on their own – and they do. Pinnick is his standard godlike self no matter if he’s playing 4, 8 or 12-strings. Ty Tabor is given plenty of room to go off on guitar (on Moanjam, watch your foot on the accelerator if you have this playing in the car!) Jerry Gaskill keeps complex time throughout (I especially love the constant time changes for the last 1:45 of We Were Born To Be Loved).

    As to the low points – Ty’s falsetto on Six Broken Soldiers detracts from overall impact of what should be a great song. The title track drags a bit. And the mix is not as fat as it should be, which wouldn’t be a huge deal if it weren’t for Pinnick’s importance to the overall sound. When I put this on I’ll always turn the bass up to compensate a bit, but it shouldn’t be necessary. I expected a little more from a varsity letterman.

    But don’t let those things keep you from getting this disc. This is still miles ahead of many other bands’ releases. You can probably find this in your local used CD shop on the cheap. If you’re new to King’s X, pick up this or “Gretchen” first.

    Posted on March 8, 2010