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  • I haven’t written a review in a very long time now, (Probably over a year) but I was inspired to share my opinion on a great new band that has some solid potential. Evanescence has, probably, one of the best overall sounds I’ve heard in a “new” band in quite a while. While the music does sound comparable to Linkin Park (who I also like) – The Vocals and overall feel of the album is something unique and exciting. I’ll do a quick breakdown of the songs:Going Under: One of the best songs on the album without a doubt. Surprising and interesting at every turn. Very Original. 5/5Bring Me To Life: The song most people know them by. Maybe a little over played on the radio, but a great song none-the-less. And the song that got me interested in them to begin with. 4.5/5Everybody’s Fool: A solid song that expands you a little deeper into the sound of the band. 4/5My Immortal: A haunting and beautiful song. Amy’s voice sends chills up my spine. 4.5/5Haunted: A great song. Dark and eerie, may incite thought and contemplation. 4.5/5Tourniquet: Awesome song. (Though the lyrics are a little on the strange side) Great Melody. 4/5Imaginary: This song has a great transfer from the previous song and is a solid effort as well. Both these songs together make for a great 8 minute excursion. 4/5Taking Over Me: Best Song on the Disc (in my opinion). Played this one over and over again. All around great melody, chorus and the music is outstanding. 5/5Hello: A little strange on this one, but another solid effort. Amy’s voice once again, shines on this one. 4/5My Last Breath: A Good song. Probably the “average song” of the record, if that makes any sense. 4/5Whisper: Now, surprisingly this was my least favorite song on the album. The end of the song is a little out there and while I like the music and the vocals, it seemed to lose me towards the end and seemed a little lacking in the melodies and lyrics. 3.5/5Overall, a solid 4/5. While I do see the validity of a comparison to Linkin Park and bands of the like, I must express that I feel this band still manages to have a unique sound that I really enjoyed. Simply, a breath of fresh air.

    Posted on February 26, 2010