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  • I’ve tracked through this disc a bunch of times now – It just keeps getting better with each listen. It didn’t take long to realize “Fallen” was going to make its way into my rotation of discs I listen to a lot. I found myself anxiously waiting to hear what came next while listening to it, which rarely happens.Their music is hauntingly dark, and beautiful at the same time, and it does have its “rock” moments, thanks to some really nice guitar sounds. And I *love* Amy’s voice! The production is huge sounding; the songs are beautifully textured with keyboards, strings and layered back up vocals.This is not a ‘rap-metal’ band, if you’ve only heard the “Bring Me To Life” single. There’s a lot of depth to this group that you might not be expecting to hear … and a lot of interesting things going on. Definitely not a “throw on at a party” CD – But one that I find myself wanting to explore beginning to end, again and again.Besides the lead single, I really like “Tourniquet”, “Going Under”, “Haunted”, “My Immortal”, “Whisper” and “My Last Breath.” The rest of the songs are also very good … totally worth picking up, and hopefully an indication of more brilliance to come. Awesome stuff – a CD that’s worth your attention.

    Posted on February 27, 2010