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Falling Into Infinity

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  • This was the turning-the-clock-around album for Dream Theater. Mike Portnoy said that this album nearly killed Dream Theater because the record company wanted them to make a commercial album. I despise it when a record company tells you what to do, but Dream Theater compromised. Part of it you would expect to hear on Images and Words or Awake, and some you would go “HUH?”1.New Millenium-Very techno-ish intro. This is not a great album-opener, but it’s a great song. 4.5/52.You Not Me-This is the very commercial “huh?” song. Although it tried to be mainstream, I still liked it. Very short solo, however. 4/53.Peruvian Skies-The classics begin. This is a very nice soothing ballad turns rocker song. Intresting lyrics about someone named Vanessa. I think it’s about child rebellion. Very good instrumental part. 5/54.Hollow Years-One of the best Dream Theater songs recorded. This is a regular pop ballad with Spanish influences. It may sound like every other pop ballad, but at least this one has a solo, and good lyrics. Very nice. 5/55.Burning My Soul-Did Dream Theater write that? NO WAY! This is an ultra heavy song. It’s like Dream Theater taking a stab at Metallica, and they succeed. Great riff. Also, one of the best solos from Derek Sherenian. It sounds like a guitar! I guess the record swines wanted it to be a single. To the record industry: WAKE UP! No offense or anything to the fans, but do you realize who was popular in 1997? HANSON! Do you really think Burning My Soul would get anywhere? Nope, it sounds good! Can’t let that happen! See my point? 5/56.Hell’s Kitchen-It’s ok, they could’ve done better than this. This sounds like a instrumental climax that should’ve been left in a 14-minute song. Actually, it was the instrumental part in Burning my Soul, but I guess that they let it out so that Burning My Soul could try to be a single. 3.5/57.Lines In The Sand-Pure Dream Theater. This is another 12 minute masterpiece. It has a great intro, probably one of the longest for Dream Theater, and the singer from King’s X is in it (I forgot his name). Not a great instrumental part, but it still rocks! 4.5/58.Take Away My Pain-Great ballad. The guitar has a Police-vibe to it. Good lyrics. Also, a very soothing chorus. I like the bass in this one. No one gives John Myung credit. He’s probably one of the greatest bassisits out there. 4.5/59.Just Let Me Breathe-A little dissapointing, but good lyrics. 3/510.Anna Lee-Nice ballad about child abuse. Very good piano line. 4.5/511.Trail of Tears-The geatest epic on this. Let’s do this part by part:I-It’s Raining-Very nice intro, and a good jazz like verse. Intresting lyrics about wasted years. I like the chorus. It’s got a good hook to it. 5/5II-Deep In Heaven-Great solos by John and Derek. John’s is more crazy, Derek’s is more planned. Very nice. 5/5III-The Wasteland-Great ending. Where is this Wasteland, might I add? Good guitar riff from John. The ending is very soothing, and it’s a great ending to a great album. 5/5This shouldn’t bee your first pick, but it will be the one you’ll be familar with. This is good stuff.

    Posted on February 2, 2010