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Family Values Tour 1999

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  • I never actually attended any of the shows on the Family Values 1999 Tour, so perhaps I have no room to speak, but judging by this recording, none of them were shows worth attending. Performances from every artist with the exception of two were average at the very best, the rest being utterly horrible. From being at least decent in 1998 with Rammstein and Incubus on the bill, the Family Values has obviously gone consistently downhill since then, with the biggest disgrace being Limp Bizkit, whom I’m ashamed to say I was once a fan of. While “3 Dollar Bill Y’all$” was a pretty good record for its time, and “Significant Other” was decent, I never truly realized the ignorance and lame quality of most of their material, even that which I thought was decent. Fred Durst’s voice is hilarious live, while the band itself isn’t too bad at replicating their studio sound (even though their drummer is terrible.) In fact, the only thing remotely listenable on this disc by them is “Re-Arranged”.My emotions have always been mixed about KoRn, and even though I’ve seen them live and enjoyed the performance, they were only average on here, with Davis’ voice suffering and being drowned in Fieldy’s bass lines. This is definitely not the same quality as when I watched them perform in person.Limp and KoRn being the headliners and having such bad sound quality, it can’t be expected that the rest of the artists would have much luck either, especially that of the horrible “Rockwilder”, which is ridiculously out of place on here. Following is Filter, a band whose studio material is at least enjoyable, but unfortunately can’t pull it off on stage. The band gets out of sync and out of key numerous times and Richard Patrick simply can’t sing live. Too bad.All that leaves is Crystal Method’s one track, “Keep Hope Alive”, which actually manages good sound quality and impressive replication, Primus’ two entertaining cuts which outline what a good bassist Les Claypool is, and Staind’s two performances. Staind’s live version of “Mudshovel” shines through the rest of the muddiness of this live album and is more than a notch above the lame quality of the rest. As for Aaron Lewis’ acoustic version of “Outside”, it was nice the first 10 thousand times it was on modern rock radio before it got played out, but that aside, the whole thing is ruined by Durst’s lame, sloppy vocals and ridiculous rantings of “Let me see those lighters” and various other blabberings. Why that man is allowed to perform anywhere is beyond me.The overall sound quality isn’t even too great for a live album, as the bass overpowers almost every other instrument and the guitars are nothing special except Wes Borlands cover of Jane’s Addictions’ “I Would For You” (which Durst also blasphemies with flying colors.) While there might be a few decent or listenable tracks on here, its simply not worth it. Save your money for when something worthwhile actually comes around. However, if you want a good laugh, read Durst’s message to parents on the booklet inside to realize how truly Juvenile his mind is.

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  • I picked this CD up at my local music store several months back after seeing Staind and Filter were featured. I have since, listened to this album release and have quietly enjoyed the bands like Primus, Korn and Limp Bisqit who I rarely have heard of until now. The highlights for me were ‘Mudshovel’ by Staind and the acoustic ‘Outside’ sung in tandem by Aaron Lewis of Staind and Fred Durst of Limp Bisqit.

    The feel of the album is a nu-metal/rock atmosphere with Tracks 5 and 11 from RM&B artists. Overall the album is a great listen and well worth the buy, these songs are primarily for fans of the aforementioned bands. ‘Falling Away From Me’ by Korn is also a great listen and a good mosh to song.

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  • It is quite simple, I can find something good in almost every kind of Rock. But what I’d like to say is that the Bonus Track, which is entitled “Outside”, has been deemed my favorite song of all time. Some will not agree…Some like heavier rock, and I like that too, but this song hit me, and all I could do was think, “That is exactly how I feel!” Give it a try, if the Bonus Track isn’t what you like, the rest of the CD could suffice.

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  • “Family values” is pretty good live album that features some most shining alternative/metal stars from end of century.of course Staind’s “Mudshovel” or Primus “Laquer head” are great as other tracks but the appearance of Method man and redman is quite scary.And Korn’s is not sounding so good on here,without a kick.they had a bad day or what?also the sound is not superb.bass is vanishing somewhere or it tottaly blows your speakers out so you can’t hear other instruments.if the production was better than i would give it 1 star more.also – why do we need it? tracks are all like studio versions (except fred durst’s “I would for you” that appears only on this cd) and you can get them with better sound on other compilation albums…well i have got mixed feelings about it.a good compilation from this tournee.i mean,fans will buy it but i wuoldn’t call it a great album.just a compilation.not the strongest one around…

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  • All in all the concept behind ‘Family Values’ is a great one…get the most popular bands that parents would never want their children to listen to and throw them on one stage. KoRn started it, then Limp Bizkit carried it on, and then Staind, so on and so forth. This effort, fronted this time by Limp Bizkit, falls a little short of the first album (fronted by KoRn) and the third (fronted by Staind) but it does have some redeeming value. Lets take it one band at a time.

    Lets start with Primus, who, while not one of my favorite bands actually put on a pretty decent set, and the of the two tracks selected for the album, the second ‘My Name is Mud’ far outdoes the forgettable ‘Lacquer Head’…

    Staind sadly only has one track here as a band but thankfully it’s the explosive ‘Mudshuvel’ and it proves to be one of the biggest highlights on this album. It’s pure raw energy, which is something to expect from one awesome band who always delivers on the live aspect.

    Method Man & Redman are two of my favorite rappers, but I have this problem with ‘live’ rap. It annoys me. Instead of having your favorite rapper spitting fire you have him trading lines with his back up rapper, some no-name dude standing behind them yelling random words that Method or Red forget to say. It’s just stupid. Anyways, the Rockwilder is one of my favorite songs but I prefer the recorded album material, not this live crap.

    A huge fan of Filters first album I was excited to see ‘Hey Man Nice Shot’ on the bill BUT this recording really, for lack of a better word, SUCKS…the second offering ‘Welcome to the Fold’ on the other hand kicks major @$$ and serves as another highlight to the album. That’s two great tracks so far for those taking count.

    The Crystal Method also, while only delivering one track, serve up a great one…but how can you screw up techno, live or studio it really all sounds the same. Kudos.

    KoRn may have been having an off night, but the coupling of A.D.I.D.A.S. and Good God was genius so I’ll be nicer to them. Falling Away from me was lacking but it’s forgivable.

    Limp, the headliners, are the only bad to recieve so many tracks on this album, and then do a decent job with it, opening the album with the heavy hitting Break Stuff which still manages to fall short of both Mudshuvel and Welcome to the Fold. Rearanged and I Would for You are decent tracks in themselves, but they disrupt the pace of this album by delivering a soft sided track to a thrash worthy offering. Thank god the redeemed themselves with ‘Nookie’ which serves as the fifth highlight here.

    And the final highlight is ‘Outside’ BUT, it would have been MUCH Better had Fred Durst kept his mouth shut. This is Aaron’s song and he’s what makes it brilliant. Fred couldn’t touch this kind of genius in his sleep so he should stop trying to capitalize on it. Anyways, so there you go…and the top 6 reasons to listen to this album are, in order…

    06 – “Keep Hope Alive” by The Crystal Method
    05 – “A.D.I.D.A.S./Good God” by Korn
    04 – “Nookie” by Limp Bizkit
    03 – “Welcome to the Fold” by Filter
    02 – “Mudshuvel” by Staind
    01 – “Outside” by Aaron Lewis feat. (oh crap) Fred Durst

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