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Family Values Tour 2001

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  • Being a fan of every band on this disc (Even though my interest in Static-X is fading very quickly) I felt the urge to pick this up. I own the other two Family Values albums, and even though it isn’t up to the quality and content of the 1998 disc, it sure as heck kills the 1999 disc (Filter have to be the worst live band ever…). Even though it’s just a short 12 tracks, it’s completely listenable, I didn’t find myself skipping a single track. The energetic tracks such as STP’s “Vasoline” and “Wicked Garden,” Linkin Park’s rendition of “One Step Closer” with Aaron Lewis and Static-X teaming up with Elijah Blue (aka P. Exeter Blue) from Deadsy on “Push It” are contrasted by some really great mellow tracks. Most noteable is Aaron Lewis’ solo cover of Pearl Jam’s “Black” and Chester from Linkin Park combined with STP on “Wonderful.” I was kind of disappointed however that there was only one Deadsy track. They need the exposure, so give it to them. They are one of the most promising bands out there, give them the credit they deserve! But still, it’s a great CD. If you like the bands on this CD, you will get your money’s worth.

    Posted on January 11, 2010