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Family Values Tour 2001

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  • Do you have the Family Values Tour 2001 CD? You should.This CD adds to the list of reasons why live tour CD’s, if done right, are incredibly awesome. The Ozzfest 2001 CD lies at the top of that list, but Family Values lies just beneath that. I’ve never been a huge fan of the tour (mainly because Limp Bizkit and rap artists like Ice Cube have been on the tour), but last year’s tour makes me a believer. After listening to this CD, I am extremely disappointed that I didn’t see this tour live.However, luckily, this CD helps recreate the experience that I missed. As said before, this CD is what makes live music rock. Whether it’s the crushing riffs of Linkin’ Park’s “Runaway” and “One Step Closer”, the haunting lyrics of Staind’s “Fade”, “It’s Been Awhile”, and Aaron Lewis’ “Black”, or the incredible sound of Static-X’s “Push It” and “Cold”, the Family Values Tour 2001 CD delivers from all fronts.Personal favorites include both outings from Static-X (especially “Push It” featuring Exeter Blue from Deadsy), “Vasoline” by STP, “Fade” by Staind, Aaron Lewis’ acoustic Pearl Jam cover of “Black”, and my all-time favorite on this album, “One Step Closer” by Linkin’ Park, featuring Aaron Lewis from Staind. I’m sure all of you have heard “One Step Closer” about sixteen million times on the radio and TV and have told Chester to “shut up” like I have, but there is nothing like this version of the song. Aaron Lewis singing Chester’s part in the song (“Everything you say to me… I need a little room to breathe…”) is beyond words. My only complaint with it is that Aaron does not appear eariler in the song (he appears after the guitar bridge). Even Deadsy’s (whom I’ve never heard of until now) effort on the CD is fantastic.This CD is definately worth picking up if you are a fan of Staind, Static-X, Linkin’ Park, and like me, were not able to see the tour live last fall. It’s no Ozzfest 2001 CD, but it’s incredible nonetheless.

    Posted on January 11, 2010