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  • This CD along with Puddle of Mudd in general is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine. While I don’t think they are the most talented or original band, they can craft some pretty catchy radio stuff. This album is better than their last one, Life On Display, but it’s not quite as good as their first. If they market the CD it has the songs to do very well on rock/mainstream radio, but it seems they aren’t marketing it much at all. Here’s a run down of some of the songs:

    Famous – their first single similar to Away From Me and Control. 8/10

    Livin’ On Borrowed Time – Like Famous, the chorus is like a Vines song. 7/10

    It Was Faith – Generic rock ballad. 6/10

    Psycho – Like Nirvana’s Lithium only faster and louder, it’s a bit repetitive and the lyrics are stupid. 7/10

    We Don’t Have To Look Back Now – Another rock ballad, not too bad, could be a hit. 8/10

    Moonshine – One of those songs that’s kinda filler, but this is alright, just not very unique. Reminds me of their 1st CD’s vibe. 7/10

    Thinking About You – Another decent ballad, the beginning is a lot like Edgewater’s “Lifter”. 8.5/10

    Merry Go Round – Lot’s of Nirvana inspiration here, Son of a Gun and Molly’s Lips come to mind. 8/10

    I’m So Sure – Weakest song on CD as far as rock songs go. Nothing memorable here. 5/10

    Radiate – Chorus sounds like Augustana’s Stars And Boulevards with some “Blurry” guitar work. 8/10

    If I Could Love You – Like Moonshine. Not a good closer, Piss it Away was much better. 6/10

    No 9/10’s or higher because there is nothing that original or special about this CD, but I would say as a whole the CD is a 7.5/10. their last would be 6/10 and the first 9/10.

    Posted on January 16, 2010