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  • Puddle of Mudd have always been interesting in their refusal to stray from their own formula. Whether its reviews accusing them of ripping off Nirvana, or stating they’re nothing more than one trick ponies, they never have attempted to really stray from their trademark sound. Though when trying to sell albums that might be good. I saw them in concert in August and was looking forward to this album, which contains some really good songs. The trouble is, I can’t help but feel these are alot of the same tricks they’ve used before. Though they hired some professional songwriters, they are still the same formula. But in an age where experiments lead to disasters like Korn’s Untitled, that can be a good thing. Sometimes getting straight up post grunge is just what you need. If you do, you’ll find it here. It won’t shatter your senses, or change your outlook on life, but it will allow you to turn up the volume on your stereo for a little while. An entertaining album.

    Posted on January 16, 2010