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  • Puddle of Mudd’s new album, “Famous,” took an awfully long time to come out. It’s still not as bad as that 2020 date Amazon predicted a few months ago.

    1. Famous: 9/10. A really good rocker to start the album, similar to “Away from Me.”
    2. Livin’ on Borrowed Time: 7/10. It’s an okay song, but it’s rather forgettable.
    3. It Was Faith: 9/10. It’s the best of the ballads on the album.
    4. Psycho: 10/10. Here’s my favorite new Puddle of Mudd song. There’s no way this doesn’t become a huge hit single.
    5. We Don’t Have to Look Back Now: 5/10. No, we don’t have to look back now, but frankly, I would rather hear the first four songs again.
    6. Moonshine: 8/10. Some of the most random lyrics of any Puddle of Mudd song, but it’s still pretty catchy.
    7. Thinking About You: 3/10. This would be the low point of the album.
    8. Merry-Go-Round: 8/10. Someone said this sounded like a Nirvana song. I’m thinking maybe “Breed” with more words.
    9. I’m So Sure: 5/10. It really tries to rock, but it’s just terribly predictable and repetitive.
    10. Radiate: 9/10. Hey, it’s Blurry 2! Well, not quite, but not a bad song.
    11. If I Could Love You: 7/10. The instrumental at the end worked for “Time Flies,” but it doesn’t quite work here. Unfortunately, none of the songs on this album make for very good closers.

    Overall, Puddle of Mudd’s new album is a big improvement from their last album, the filler-loaded “Life on Display.” It has a lot of really good songs, but it lacks a really great song, like a “Blurry” or “Drift & Die.” On a personal note, I would really like to see “Stuck” and “Abrasive” remastered and re-released. Some of the songs on the EP’s rank up there with Puddle of Mudd’s best.

    Posted on January 16, 2010