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  • Failure came to my attention (as with many of their fans) when “Stuck on You” started getting limited radio play and a memorable video on MTV (it was filmed like the opening sequence of a James Bond movie). A friend of mine tuned into them, too, and we each picked up concert tickets to see them live.I have never regretted seeing a band perform live less. Of all the concerts I’ve seen, that’s the one I’d want to go back to.This was, unfortunately, the last of Failure’s three albums (four if you count the near-apocryphal “Replicants” project with Tool and Zaum, or the early singles they released–try for their B-Sides online if you’re a fan: Dipped in Anger, Golden, Count My Eyes, You’re Too Much, and their ultra-rare Untitled track), and it was fantastic. Every track is above average, with some (Sergeant Politeness, Saturday Saviour, Pitiful, Another Space Song… Hell, most of them) standing out as long-term favorites, “Stuck On You” included. After fine-tuning their sound on the previous “Magnified” release, the group kept up with that same alt-space-rock sound and Ken’s sometimes atonal singing, and put out what is likely their best effort.Unfortunately, Failure didn’t last long afterward–the success of their “Enjoy the Silence” cover on the Depeche Mode “For the Masses” tribute album came after the break-up of the band. Each member went on to solo projects, with Ken Andrews (vocals/guitar/songwriter) being the most notable–he released two albums solo under the name On. “Shifting Skin” is a fantastic, mellow electronic work, while “Make Believe” surpasses it (though it is not a commercial release–finding it takes some doing). He has since gone on to form “Year of the Rabbit,” whose album is forthcoming in June (though their web site,, has an EP). The group sounds remarkably similar to Failure, so any true fan should give them a listen.

    Posted on January 10, 2010