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Fantastic Planet

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  • I found this album amidst a stack of CDs in the basement of a college radio station in Central Illinois. The station overlords had a practice of affixing post-it notes to the CD covers, documenting their curt peremptory dictates on whether the contents were suitable for wider (but yet still ridiculously limited) consumption. The post-it note on Failure’s “Fantastic Planet” read simply, “Boom!!! Here it is!!!” (this was 1997 and people still talked like that in 1997). I think that got the point across rather well – certainly much better than that piece of hideous hyperanalysis at allmusic dot com. “Fantastic Planet” sits proudly alongside the likes of Radiohead’s “O.K. Computer” as one of the select few truly innovative, truly coherent, truly accomplished albums of the ’90s. It is the kind of masterpiece that comes along every once in so very long. You remain ignorant of it at your own peril.

    Posted on January 10, 2010