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Fate of Norns

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  • At first, I was of the typical opinion that “Versus the World” was the better album. Even still, I think Amon Amarth made some of their best work on that album. But, after having both cd’s for a while, I find that I turn to “Fate of Norns” more often. It has a more consistent pace and all the songs flow together. But the big thing about this album is Johan’s lyrics. Whereas the songs on “Vs” seemed to be retellings of specific viking tales, on this album most of the songs turn into epic stories that Johan creates. Of course, he still draws on folklore and mythology to write the songs, but they seem to have more depth and thought put into them. Once you have a grasp on the lyrics, the songs become epic and meaningful. “The Fate of Norns,” “Arson,” and “The Beheading of a King” are stellar Amon Amarth songs. I like how “Once Sealed in Blood” is a continuation of “Arson,” But the repetitive corus makes it one of my least favorite Amon Amarth songs ever. I can understand how many people like this album less, but if you are into Amon Amarth and are debating on purchasing this cd, you should definitely get it. I would also recommend Aeturnus “…And So the Night Became,” and anything by Bolt Thrower.

    Posted on December 16, 2009