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Felons and Revolutionaires

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  • Dope has a style all their own. Industrial, Nu-metal, whatever you want to call it no band has a sound like this. Dope has a marilyn manson feel with a mix of White Zombie and a bit of coal chamber. The Vocals on the cd are a bit sketchy at times but the music makes up for all of it. This Bands Dredlocked image seperates them from the crowd. With Tripp wearing Manowar and Motley Crue shirts and edsels tatoo of DOPE across his fist. This Band Has An Image and a Sound all their own. The cd starts you off with heavy, hardcore, low toned industrial-like, metal with tracks like “pig society” and “debonaire”. As the cd goes on you get to hear more melody come out and better lyrics with songs like “One Fix”. Towards the end the music gets slower but still has its edge including Songs like “America The Pitiful” and “I Am Nothing”. The cd leaves you off with a hardcore cover of dead or alives “You Spin Me Right Round”Finally a band that doesn’t sound like rap (even in their rap-remake F*** the police ORIGINALLY BY NWA not ICE CUBE!!!). This is definatly the best band to come out of the late 90s. Finally music is going somewhere. I also recommend the second dope cd life, its slower but shows talent in all the parts not hit in this cd. I also reccomend bands like Type O negative, nine inch nails, Ministry, Fear factory, slayer, dimmu borgir, cradle of filth, carcass, system of a down, static-x, megadeth, and judas priest (with halford of course).Dont forget,”Yesterday Don’t mean Sh**, because tomorrows the day you have to face” -phil from PANTERA!

    Posted on December 20, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Ok lets get one thing clear. Despite what people say this is NOT a Manson rip-off. What Manson CD have these guys ripped off? It isn’t Antichrist, it isn’t Mechanical Animals or Holy wood. Portrait of an American Family? No. this is about America and the police and unfair drug treatment and has more of a punk influence. Portrait was about the American Dream and had much less of a punk influence in comparison. I think this will be Dope’s best CD because as of now it looks like a decline. Members have come and gone so fast that Edsel Dope (Vocals/Guitar) is the only one left and his Lyrics become progressively worse with each Album. The 2 members who left after this album, Tripp Eisen (Guitar) and Preston Nash (Drums) were probably some of Dope’s best members. I really enjoy the drums on this album as the way they are played gives it a lot of atmosphere. The drums are not godlike, but they’re good. The album is great from tracks 1-9 and track 14. From 10-13 it becomes a little worn in a way. I’m not saying that America the Pitiful is bad because it’s anti-American. I’m saying it’s a bad song because it simply isn’t that good. The two covers on the record are absolutely some of Dope’s best works. F*ck the Police is a rap song (N.W.A.) that actually doesn’t suck!!! It isn’t labeled on the CD but its track 8. My theory is that it was added at the last minute because I’ve heard a promo version and it isn’t on there at all, it isn’t hidden or untitled or anything. The Dead or Alive cover is great but it seems to end too soon, like it should have been a minute longer. I’m not sure why the record was re-released with this bonus track but it’s really good. The opening track Pig Society is a great opener but it goes a bit downhill with too many unnecessary swears and sounds like it was rushed, it’s still good though. The album is filled with catchy songs like Debonaire, Everything sucks and Sick as well as the two covers. People have given reviews saying that Edsel’s voice sounds like Manson’s but underwater; this is true, so would many other people if u shoved them underwater, but it’s still very different. I would say that there is more of a White Zombie influence then a Manson one. If you like a couple of songs of Dope’s and like heavy music I would say go and pick up “Felons” if you have some spare money the next time you go to a store or if you want some Nu-metal (ish) mixed with punk (real punk) then pick this up. I got it for $12 but don’t expect to find a great band that will become one of your favorites or change your life in some way. I hope this helped. I’m Out.

    Posted on December 20, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • There’s nothing much original about “felons and revolutionaries.” Dope’s sound is ripped straight from “Antichrist Superstar.” The black-on-black American flag on the cover is a joke, and dope’s whole image seems a bit phony. Even their retooling of Dead or Alive’s “You Spin Me ‘Round” is reminiscent of Orgy’s cover of “Blue Monday.” But who says originality and honesty is important in the new millennium? “Felons…” is noisy, obnoxious, vulgar… the perfect thing to blast at work to piss off your boss and your co-workers. Dope rocks, that’s all that matters. Best tracks: “Everything Sucks” and “F**k the Police.”

    Posted on December 20, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Truth be known I am no metal or goth metal fan, but this album was worth a listen for the track Debonaire and also the two covers on the CD. Debonaire is the standout track from this release and its a heavy drum barreling tune that is quick, dark and menacing, or just simply a great song, knocking Puff Daddy and his lifestyle. The two covers on this disc are great to listen to including F the Police. I am a fan of Ice Cube, but this version is better than Ice Cube’s. It is a bit more mellow than the other tracks on the album and they changed some of the lyrics to match themselves. Other notable songs are Sick which is a rage tune with a nice guitar build up, Wake Up, which will take you to another world with an erie melody. The only down side is that after a while into the CD everything begins to sound the same with heavy guitars, solid drum beats and distorted vocals.

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  • Dope is any concert-goer’s dream! I’ve seen them twice already (touring with Cold, Mushroomhead, Lifer…) and they are a band built for the metal crowd! On this CD Dope introduces themselves to the world with garbled vocals and extremely energetic guitars. SPEEDMETAL!

    Their other three albums that came after this have a cleaner, touched up sound compared to this one, but they all share the same enrgy. The lead singer (Edsel Dope) shows more singing talent on the next albums, but this CD rocks anyway.

    If you’re looking for the extra track, this CD doesn’t seem to have one. But you can find them on “TAKE A BITE OUTTA RYHME: A ROCK TRIBUTE TO RAP” where Dope covers “New Jack Hustler” and “WWF: FORCEABLE ENTRY” where Dope provides a track called “No Chance”.

    If you like this CDs raw energy and anger, then check out their latest album “American Apathy” and try to get the limited CD/DVD combo–it’s well worth it! “American Apathy” combines “Felons…” energy with the clean sound of their “Life” and “Group Therapy” albums.


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