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Felons and Revolutionaires

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  • Truth be known I am no metal or goth metal fan, but this album was worth a listen for the track Debonaire and also the two covers on the CD. Debonaire is the standout track from this release and its a heavy drum barreling tune that is quick, dark and menacing, or just simply a great song, knocking Puff Daddy and his lifestyle. The two covers on this disc are great to listen to including F the Police. I am a fan of Ice Cube, but this version is better than Ice Cube’s. It is a bit more mellow than the other tracks on the album and they changed some of the lyrics to match themselves. Other notable songs are Sick which is a rage tune with a nice guitar build up, Wake Up, which will take you to another world with an erie melody. The only down side is that after a while into the CD everything begins to sound the same with heavy guitars, solid drum beats and distorted vocals.

    Posted on December 20, 2009