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Felons and Revolutionaires

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  • Ok lets get one thing clear. Despite what people say this is NOT a Manson rip-off. What Manson CD have these guys ripped off? It isn’t Antichrist, it isn’t Mechanical Animals or Holy wood. Portrait of an American Family? No. this is about America and the police and unfair drug treatment and has more of a punk influence. Portrait was about the American Dream and had much less of a punk influence in comparison. I think this will be Dope’s best CD because as of now it looks like a decline. Members have come and gone so fast that Edsel Dope (Vocals/Guitar) is the only one left and his Lyrics become progressively worse with each Album. The 2 members who left after this album, Tripp Eisen (Guitar) and Preston Nash (Drums) were probably some of Dope’s best members. I really enjoy the drums on this album as the way they are played gives it a lot of atmosphere. The drums are not godlike, but they’re good. The album is great from tracks 1-9 and track 14. From 10-13 it becomes a little worn in a way. I’m not saying that America the Pitiful is bad because it’s anti-American. I’m saying it’s a bad song because it simply isn’t that good. The two covers on the record are absolutely some of Dope’s best works. F*ck the Police is a rap song (N.W.A.) that actually doesn’t suck!!! It isn’t labeled on the CD but its track 8. My theory is that it was added at the last minute because I’ve heard a promo version and it isn’t on there at all, it isn’t hidden or untitled or anything. The Dead or Alive cover is great but it seems to end too soon, like it should have been a minute longer. I’m not sure why the record was re-released with this bonus track but it’s really good. The opening track Pig Society is a great opener but it goes a bit downhill with too many unnecessary swears and sounds like it was rushed, it’s still good though. The album is filled with catchy songs like Debonaire, Everything sucks and Sick as well as the two covers. People have given reviews saying that Edsel’s voice sounds like Manson’s but underwater; this is true, so would many other people if u shoved them underwater, but it’s still very different. I would say that there is more of a White Zombie influence then a Manson one. If you like a couple of songs of Dope’s and like heavy music I would say go and pick up “Felons” if you have some spare money the next time you go to a store or if you want some Nu-metal (ish) mixed with punk (real punk) then pick this up. I got it for $12 but don’t expect to find a great band that will become one of your favorites or change your life in some way. I hope this helped. I’m Out.

    Posted on December 20, 2009