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Felons and Revolutionaires

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  • Dope has a style all their own. Industrial, Nu-metal, whatever you want to call it no band has a sound like this. Dope has a marilyn manson feel with a mix of White Zombie and a bit of coal chamber. The Vocals on the cd are a bit sketchy at times but the music makes up for all of it. This Bands Dredlocked image seperates them from the crowd. With Tripp wearing Manowar and Motley Crue shirts and edsels tatoo of DOPE across his fist. This Band Has An Image and a Sound all their own. The cd starts you off with heavy, hardcore, low toned industrial-like, metal with tracks like “pig society” and “debonaire”. As the cd goes on you get to hear more melody come out and better lyrics with songs like “One Fix”. Towards the end the music gets slower but still has its edge including Songs like “America The Pitiful” and “I Am Nothing”. The cd leaves you off with a hardcore cover of dead or alives “You Spin Me Right Round”Finally a band that doesn’t sound like rap (even in their rap-remake F*** the police ORIGINALLY BY NWA not ICE CUBE!!!). This is definatly the best band to come out of the late 90s. Finally music is going somewhere. I also recommend the second dope cd life, its slower but shows talent in all the parts not hit in this cd. I also reccomend bands like Type O negative, nine inch nails, Ministry, Fear factory, slayer, dimmu borgir, cradle of filth, carcass, system of a down, static-x, megadeth, and judas priest (with halford of course).Dont forget,”Yesterday Don’t mean Sh**, because tomorrows the day you have to face” -phil from PANTERA!

    Posted on December 20, 2009