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Fifth Angel

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  • After a few spins of this disc it does not take long to figure out that Fifth Angel were head and shoulders above the majority of metal bands from the 80’s. An album that really did not embrace the two popular genres glam and thrash was missed by the majority of metalheads. Displaying technical ability, a penchant for songwriting, and memorable but simple riffs Fifth Angel estalished a cult following that still remembers the potential of this overlooked band. Guitarist James Byrd turned out to be something of a guitar wizard playing amazing leads while Ken Mary went on to drum for Alice Cooper, House of Lords and other notable musicians. Not surprisingly Fifth Angel turned out to be comprised of consumate musicians with an understanding of melody and song composition.Fifth Angel kicks it off with a metal anthem “In The Fallout” which is followed by the inspired and intense “Shout It Out”. Vocalist Ted Archer shows tremendous emotion and versatility throughout the album while the guitar talents of James Byrd shine on every track without going overboard. .The strongest track on the album “Fifth Angel” brings it all together with a great verse rhythym and an anthemic sing-along-chorus as the Fifth Angel comes to the rescue of those who call.Two of the better tracks “Cry Out The Fools” and “Fade To Flames” are gems that have to be heard to be believed. The riffs are far from standard and the emotion can be felt in every song. The lyrics are intelligent and the band overall borders on progressive power metal. There are some metal cliches with pinched squeal harmonics and chunky palm mutes but overall the music is in a class by itself.The fact that this disc is being re-released despite lack of popular support over 15 years ago should make a case for it’s strength. If you missed it before, don’t miss it again. This is flawless metal.

    Posted on March 13, 2010