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Fight - War Of Words: The Film (Ltd Ed-Autograph) (DVD/CD)

Fight - War Of Words: The Film (Ltd Ed-Autograph) (DVD/CD) thumbnail

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  • This DVD is definitely a MUST have for every FIGHT or Halford’s fan !! This DVD contains a lot of what FIGHT has released, be it a very interesting documentary about the band, the concert part from lots of different places, the clips from the WOW album : Nailed to the gun, Immortal Sin & Little Crazy which look really great, and finally, 4 live piece from the MTV Headbanger’s ball which are stunning too !!

    As far as the show is concerned, it has been stated that the video is from lots of dates from Tokyo, Seattle, Phoenix, Paris etc, but it all looks really well and powerful ! I really can’t understand how this great DVD could be seen as a disappointment for a Fight fan… As I said , it’s a must have !!

    As a bonus, you’ll have a remaster and remixed version of the first fight MASTERPIECE : War of Words… Plus, the package is absolutely beautiful, with a great 20 page booklet !!

    Fight is definitely an underrated band… If you don’t know them yet, I think this is a really good introduction ! You won’t regret !!

    Posted on December 27, 2009